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Here is our Free Preschool Craft for the month! I hope you and your student enjoy this cute little caterpillar as much as my students have. Please feel free to use this free preschool craft in your preschool lessons. When preschool crafts are done, if it be with a group of children or a single preschooler, they impart many of the skills children need to succeed throughout their school years. Preschool crafts for preschoolers should not be complicated or difficult to make and no fancy or expensive supplies are necessary. Small children are still learning basic skills such as coloring, drawing, cutting, folding, pasting and gluing, all of which can be done using easily available materials and the fun curriculum with Preschool For a Year. These fun free preschool crafts encourage children to sit still while they concentrate on a single activity, and they don’t even realize they are sitting still! Studies show children retain and enjoy learning best through play and creativity.  We use that concept all through our curriculum in the Preschool For a Year preschool program, and I think you will find that as well with this cute free preschool craft.  Young children learn to interact with others, follow directions and obey rules as they participate in a preschool curriculum, and particularly through the creativity of making preschool crafts.  As your child is participating in a preschool curriculum and making these fun crafts, sitting still for story time and completing worksheets several important skills are being learned; how to sit still, how pay attention, respond properly, follow directions, and many more skills that can be difficult for any toddler. Making preschool crafts also encourages children to be productive, which will help them throughout their lives. When your student completes the preschool craft they will have a great sense of achievement in what they have accomplished and I bet they will be so proud and thrilled they will want to show it to all their friends.

Here are the directions, supply lists, and even a few pictures to get you started on your adorable letter Cc-Caterpillar Craft.

  •      Have child cut out and color caterpillar circles, eyes, and antenna’s
  •      Glue circles in shape of C on colored paper
  •      Glue on antenna’s and eyes
  •      Draw legs on caterpillar

Letter C Caterpillar Free Preschool CraftLetter C Caterpillar Free Preschool Craft 1

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